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Winkie, from Oregon

Winkie and D. Vail in front of D. Vails teepee

Winkie from Oregon, found Bear Walks With Me so compelling that she wanted her children and grandchildren to have a copy. "The book sells itself", she told D. Vail on a recent visit after purchasing her 10th copy of the book.

Nicole T., Oregon

"Bear Walks With Me" pulled me in at the first chapter and held me all the way through. I was fully intending to save it for my vacation, but ended up staying up late several work nights in a row because I just couldn't let it go!

As a volunteer in the community I intend to use your experience as a powerful, uplifting lesson in, not just survival, but joy in life itself. Thank you so much for sharing your life and strength with all of us!!

Irene G., Oregon

I am relishing every moment with your book, whether actually reading it or even just holding it, because your spirit fills the room every time I pick it up.

Bear Walks With Me has become a conversation piece in our office. So I won't be surprised when your website receives some attention from the visitors to our office.

John & Steph E., Oregon

Your beautiful book arrived and I sat on the couch this evening and began to read! It is absolutely captivating!!! and to think that I personally know the person of whom the book speaks. What a tremendous accomplishment. I can only imagine the sense of peace and joy you must feel when you hold the book you authored in your hands, the story of your very own life, in your hands.

I'll enter your world a little each day now and savor the descriptions you offer of the landscape, as well as of the people who passed through your life, both positive and negative. (I can hear the babbling sound of the stream tumbling over the rocks and the serenade of the frogs.)

Terri R., Montana

Holy Buckets! You are a fabulous storyteller. I could not put the book down. It is a page turner. Your courage and wisdom are incredible. I have many questions and want to know if a sequel is in the works.

Rebekah G., Oregon

Donna, your book is truly an inspiration. I'm not through it yet, but I have a hard time putting it down whenever I get the chance to read. I get so proud every time someone sees the book at work and comments on the beautiful cover and I get to tell them I know the author personally.

Evedene B., Oregon

I am writing to tell you that I can hardly put your book down—it is such a cliff hanger. I have been up 'til midnight the last two nights before I realized what time it was.

David V., California

Fantastic book—I loved it! I have enclosed a check for 4 more books to send to my kids. Donna I am so proud of what you have accomplished.


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DVail begins work on a sequel to "Bear Walks With Me".

Tentatively titled, "Bear Walks With Us", the sequel will begin where Bear Walks With Me left off.

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The First Edition print version has sold out.

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Excerpts from the Book

Stunned upon hearing the loud shriek of a baby, the man lowered his rifle and watched the bear bound off the porch. He then ran to the end of the cabin, hoping for a clean shot, but the bear was running through the brush past the stream and disappearing into the woods. The sound of the infant’s cry drew the man’s attention back to the porch. Climbing up onto the porch, he walked to the buggy and peered in. Shaking his head as though in disbelief, he turned to the car, leaned his rifle against a porch pillar, and waved a frantic “come here” to his wife of forty-seven years.

“Donna, one day this is all going to belong to you. This ranch and everything on it, plus the hundred-and-fifty acres on top of the Blue Mountains…”

Just as Uncle Lance was almost to the base of the tree where I was hiding, a frightening noise that sounded like a distant rumble of thunder, filled the little clearing. Looking over to where the trail emerges from the dense forest there was a huge, and I mean really huge, black bear.

Somewhere in time the kiss ended and, with a shaking hand, Mike was stroking my hair. Then he said, “Donna, please be my girl. I really love you.”

“I warned you, you piece of garbage.” Esther then bellowed out at the top of her lungs like a cow with a twisted tail, “Police, help! Police! A pimp, a pimp after a young girl!”

My mind went wild in thought as I envisioned the cougar climbing up the back of the cliff after me. Where would I go? How could I get away?

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